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2manydjs, akrasia, alan moore, alyson hannigan, amanda palmer, apple, being a lesbian-identified man, bitshifter, black books, blade runner, boneless chins, bonobos, british politics, bruce sterling, charlie kaufmann, chris morris, clea lewis, columbo, commission x 6, cover versions, curry, daniel clowes, david foster wallace, deleted octopus scenes, edge of darkness, evan rachel wood, evolution, game theory, genetic sexual attraction, genomics, ghostbusters, girls with squeaky voices, goats, greg egan, half-sistercest, ham, having plenty of coffee, houellebecq, hp lovecraft, imovie, insurgency, jim's dad, julie burchill's voice, katherine parkinson, kelly osbourne, kingsley amis, laughing in french, lee and herring, lesbian-identifed man rights, lesbianism, lily allen, livejournal slash fic, look around you, lowering the tone, megan mullally, michael chabon, miss piggy, mourning ntk, neal stephenson, nick bostrom, nuns, octoroon pride, one hit wonders, peter watts, poj masta, pricing, promoting tolerance, rachel elnaugh, richard herring, saint etienne, secret pope twinkle, seinfeld, sex:weight ratios, shornquimlassesinhornrimglasses, simulation hypothesis, sitcoms, spanking, stanley kubrick, steampunk, stephen fry, sushi, synthetic biology, ted chiang, the deptford beach babes, the duloks, the it crowd, the singularity, the tall actionette, the wire, triffids, twincest, usability, videogame morality, vladimir nabokov, william gibson, woody allen, x/2 + 7, zombies (philosophical), zombies that eat you, zooey deschanel
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